Deborah Hamouris

Chord Boot Camp (Advanced Beginner)
DAd tuning

The key to “jamming” is often knowing the basic chords (I-IV-V) in a key.
We will take these basic chords and apply them to songs we all know such as "Boil Dem Cabbage," "Amazing Grace," "Old Joe Clark" and other basic songs. Let’s get some of these chord progressions under our fingers and chord concepts into our brains!

Teacher, Deborah Hamouris, has played mountain dulcimer since 1979 and taught it for over a decade. She has a BA in Music and gets excited about teaching music. Deborah currently directs Women & Song and the Berkeley Dulcimer Orchestra. She founded the annual Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering at the Freight & Salvage, scheduled for 5/18/19.
She recently finished recording "1 in 8" with jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, original songs surrounding breast cancer treatment and survival.