Ron Beardslee

Simple, Quiet & Beautiful Music from the Isle of Man
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate level

The Isle of Man is a small (approx. 220 sq. miles) island in the Irish Sea between Scotland and Ireland.  The Gaelic culture of this island is distinct from that of the neighboring Irish and the Scots and includes some bits from the Norse and the English.

Much less of the Manx music tradition has survived than is the case of the Scots and the Irish but there are still quite a number of very beautiful pieces.  This workshop is based on learning a number of these traditional Manx pieces arranged at a level suitable for Advanced Beginner and Intermediate level players. 

Click the title of the following arrangement to download.

arrane ny sheeaghyn troailtagh

My vision of dulcimer music can be summarized as “simple, quiet, and beautiful”. 
I believe that having a good foundation in technique allows a person to more easily produce the music that they seek.  I also believe that everyone has their own musical goals and my role is to help people achieve their goals.

I reside in Sonoma County where I do some performing and play with dulcimer friends as often as possible.  I have taught at the Redwood Dulcimer Gatherings, Redwood Dulcimer Day and Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering as well as with private students.  My current musical interests include classic country music and Pop Standards.
Ron Beardslee