Laura Devine Burnett

Playing Songs with Chords (Advanced Beginner)

I have 3 of my favorite songs to teach you, playing with chords. It is wonderful to learn how to read dulcimer tablature, but if you are jamming with others and they hand out chord sheets, you can join in with these 5 simple chords. (D-A-E-G-C)

I will show you some fun techniques as well, hammer on, pull off, slide, and slap strum. The songs we will play, and sing are “Canaan's Land”-Traditional, ‘Three Little Birds”- Bob Marley, and “Children of Darkness” - Richard Farina. See you there!

Click the song title to download the PDF tablature.

Laura Devine Burnett

Laura Devine Burnett has been playing dulcimer, and singing for over 40 years. Her first teacher was Joellen Lapidus, at McCabes Guitar studio, in Santa Monica, Ca.  Joellen taught her to really have fun playing her dulcimer, and not to be afraid to try anything! Laura enjoys teaching, and passing it on to students, ranging in ages from 10yrs - 80+ !

She started attending Redwood Dulcimer Day back in the beginning, at “Boomers” property up in Bonny Doon, CA.  One year, she and her music partner, Jayme Kelly Curtis, were asked to hold a dulcimer jam circle,   in between classes at RDD. That began a fun tradition for students of all levels, and abilities, to try their hand at “jamming with others”.

Their band “DulcimerGirls” played together for 10 years +, sharing their harmony vocals ,  playing in mixed modes, in many venues, and settings. One of the favorites was at The American River Festival. After carrying instruments and camp chairs down a beautiful trail that followed the river,   they came upon a clearing, and set up, and played a 45 minute set to all the folks that hiked the trail with them.  A perfect setting for the Mountain Dulcimer! Her first influence was Joni Mitchell, playing  dulcimer, on the “Blue” album. Her favorite saying is

“Play what you want to play” from Joni’s ”Miles of Aisles” 2 album live set.

Laura plays Capritaurus, and Folkroots  dulcimers.