Jessica Comeau's Workshops

"Love In the Greenwood: Robin Hood Ballads" (Intermediate)

    As the seasons turn in Sherwood Forest, music rises once again from the voice and lute of Allan-a-Dale and his fellow minstrels. This workshop will feature songs connected with the legends of Robin Hood, including a traditional Child ballad as well as the famous Victorian love song “O Promise Me,” which originated in an operetta about Robin Hood and his merry men.
    We will emphasize the techniques of efficient fingering and sustain.
    Because we will be singing, our home tuning will be C-G-C.

    Click here for the tablature arrangement of "Robin Hood's Morris."

"Timeless Dance Tunes” (Advanced )

Some of the most compelling and exciting music in the world was designed to accompany dances. In this workshop, the country dance "Childgrove" and the hornpipe "King of the Fairies" will be our songs to master. Please bring a capo! The home tuning will be C-G-C (compatible with D-A-D tablature).

Click here for the tablature arrangement of "Childgrove."

Jessica Comeau is a native of Pensacola, Florida, and has been playing the mountain dulcimer since 2003. As a lover of music and literature, she is passionate about the ability of music to reflect timeless stories and illuminate the beauty of life. Jessica is a singer-songwriter as well as an interpreter of folk, Celtic, British, medieval European, and world music. She also loves to share music as a teacher.

Within the workshop setting, Jessica gives her students group instruction, individual guidance, and space for personal experimentation with the goal of helping people to make the music their own. In addition to her dulcimer teaching and performing experience, Jessica holds a B.A. degree in English and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. 

Her most recent musical release is a multi-instrumental, fantasy-themed album called: 
Faerie Memories: Fantasy Music with an Acoustic Heart.